Process - BuildUSA

BuildUSA is an online collaborative platform that addresses the acknowledged need for changes and improvements to the actual collaborative process of a building project.

Unlike many of its predecessors in the field, BuildUSA does two things completely differently in order to facilitate solving building project problems while at the same time creating a sustainable, profitable business model:

1. The bulk of the specific collaborative functionality is provided FREE to users, thus encouraging broad participation among all project participants.

2. Link users who want and need building product information to the manufacturers that have it. Via its unique “Notes” application, BuildUSA will help manufacturers reduce their overall marketing program costs while at the same time increasing its efficiency. BuildUSA will collect fees for being the data aggregator and facilitator in this process.


  • Free for basic usage
  • Improve project collaboration
  • Reduce project costs
  • Link users to manufacturers
  • Create valuable business intelligence
  • Sell targeted marketing data
  • Sell targeted ads
  • Sell targeted coupons