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The current Socio-economic and political environment has created tremendous stress for millions of people throughout the world. It has concurrently created a clarity and focus regarding current business practices and how they must and will change. For close to two decades BuildUSA and its founding partners, D.A. Syntec Ltd. and s.s Syntec Ltd., has been at the forefront of cutting edge business methods, testing and implementing countless new systems including new building technology, new project management procedures, new software and hardware.
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In the United States approximately 20% of all electrical energy generated. is used to heat and cool large institutional building.

Can buildings be used as batteries by dumping energy in when renewable sources (wind/solar) are plentiful and then minimizing energy use when renewables sources are minimal?


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Creating higher quality, higher performing buildings and projects at a lower cost. BuildUSA is a three part strategy that incorporates elements of product research, building process improvement, and modular building techniques.
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We analyze, design, develop & execute to ensure the success of your project.
Developing Amazing Things with Passion since 1984.

CEO / Founder – Steve Salzman, Steve holds a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Science from the University of Illinois. Shortly after graduation Steve started three separate companies to address the areas of architecture and design, construction management, and real estate development.

Building and running these companies has afforded him the opportunity to develop an intimate understanding of all phases of the building process. In addition, he has been actively involved in the development of technology, new building materials and prototypes.

As a recognized in leader in the rapidly changing building industry, Steve applies his industry-specific experience to provide BuildUSA executive leadership in the areas of client and project development and collaboration, market penetration, technology and strategic planning.

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